Wagyu Games & Invo Technologies, Inc.

Undead Blocks is being developed by Wagyu Games Studio in partnership with Invo Technologies, Inc.

Invo Technologies Inc. is a pioneering game development studio specializing in building immersive gaming experiences powered by cutting-edge blockchain technology. Their mission is "Creating A Better Digital Economy" by revolutionizing how value is transferred across different games.

With a team comprised of seasoned game developers, software engineers, and blockchain experts, Invo possess deep expertise in crafting captivating games across multiple engines like Unreal, Unity, and Godot. Our developers have worked on top-tier titles from renowned brands, bringing a wealth of experience to every project.

What sets Invo apart is their proprietary blockchain solution that enables the creation of interoperable in-game economies. They leverage cryptography to allow seamless transfer of digital assets and currencies between games, enriching the player experience while unlocking new revenue streams for developers.

Game Engine: Unity

Undead Blocks has been built in the Unity Engine & will be available for Mac & PC devices.

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