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Introducing Gold ZBUX: The New Gold Standard in Reward Currency

Introducing Gold ZBUX, the holy grail currency of the Undead Blocks in-game reward ecosystem. Gold ZBUX will be a stable in-game reward currency, valued at $0.10 and can be redeemed for your choice of cryptocurrency on the Wagyu Games website. Upon full game launch, Undead Blocks will reward Gold ZBUX Armed Survivors who participate in leaderboard challenges as well as achievements.

Gold ZBUX Breakdown

  • Earned through opening ZBOXs found by playing any Undead Blocks Game Mode, ranking on rotating leaderboards (thousands of winners each leaderboard) and by completing achievements

  • Purchase new weapons for weapon loadout

  • Purchase exclusive weapons skins, character skins & perks

Swap Gold ZBUX for Crypto!

Armed Survivors will have complete control over their Gold ZBUX with the authority to withdraw all of their earnings from daily leaderboards and Gold Challenges. Gold ZBUX earned through any method can be withdrawn from your Wagyu Wallet.

Gold ZBUX-Exclusive Skins and Perks

In addition to withdrawing Gold ZBUX for other cryptocurrencies, Gold ZBUX can be used for purchasing rare weapon skins, character skins, animations, and even perks! .

Standard ZBUX — Asset Upgrading Currency

Standard ZBUX will serve the purpose of increasing the value of players’ Weapon Loadout. Allowing players to upgrade weapons as well as add new weapons to their loadout will allow players to build sweat equity into the assets that they own! There is no limit on how much Standard ZBUX that players can earn.

Standard ZBUX Breakdown

  • Earned by playing any Undead Blocks Game Mode

  • Standard ZBUX earnings are uncapped

  • Standard ZBUX earned will be attached to each Wagyu Account, ZBUX cannot be transferred between loadouts or player accounts.

Thousands of Winners: Every. Single. Tournament.

Undead Blocks is excited to announce that we will be implementing rotating leaderboards that will allow thousands of players to compete & earn Gold ZBUX in multiple different game modes every single tournament.

Players on the leaderboard will earn Gold ZBUX with no withdrawal limit.

*Dynamic leaderboards allow for thousands of players to earn based on how they rank against other players.

Value Proposition

By offering Gold ZBUX and daily leaderboard challenges, Undead Blocks accomplishes our ultimate goal of building the most sustainable play and earn game on the market by:

Keeping the amount of potential liquidity drain from our ecosystem fixed, providing Treasury Management the flexibility to maximize Gold ZBUX distribution by knowing exactly how much will be needed to reward players for their in-game conquests.

Providing Armed Survivors with complete control over their Gold ZBUX with the authority to withdraw all of their earnings from Leaderboards and achievements!

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