Loot Coffins at Undead Blocks

Flexible Asset Ownership with ImmutableX

With the ImmutableX integration, Undead Blocks is able to perform all game transactions gas-less. A big outcome of this development is that we are able to separate each weapon skin, each character skin, each loadout, and all items into separate NFTs. Obtain an Undead Blocks skin NFT and use it in game immediately. All new weapon and character skins are created through opening Loot Coffins, they cannot be purchased directly outside of the secondary market.

Open up a Surprise!

In every Undead Blocks Loot Coffin contains a special Undead Blocks game reward item. Most items obtained through a Loot Coffin are weapon or character skins, and can be traded on the secondary marketplace. Each weapon skin has a varying rarity and chance of being pulled out of a Loot Coffin, and each one has a fixed limited supply. This means that as time passes, each skin gets more rare. All of your Undead Blocks items can be viewed and easily accessed in your Wagyu Games Inventory. Loot Coffins can be purchased in Gold ZBUX.


Each Loot Coffin has specific items that can be obtained inside, each item available for a limited time. With each new Season of Undead Blocks, a new Loot Coffin will be dropped. It will contain a new collection of items inside to be used and traded within the game.

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