Future Development for Undead Blocks

Free to Play as Scholar Recruiting Tool for Guilds

In addition to our P2E offering, Undead Blocks will be implementing a free-to-play version of our game for individuals to be introduced to our metaverse. Potential scholars can showcase their skills in the free-to-play modes in an effort to market their abilities to Gaming Guilds and Arms Dealers!

Weapons - Collect Them All!

Players can add additional weapons by swapping Standard ZBUX, this will be an essential mechanism as we incentivize players to collect additional weapons to enhance the value of their asset of the Weapon Loadout NFT. Every map will have its own uniqueness and will lend itself to the need for different strategies and the use of different weapons and equipment. Undead Blocks will also provide a rotating leaderboard challenge, with many challenges being weapon specific - encouraging players to obtain each weapon.

Maps as Metaverse

Undead Blocks currently has one map fully developed, The Neighborhood, our initial map on game release. A second map is currently in development titled "Wagyu Wonderland", an immersive shopping mall with an adventure's worth of stores and paths to navigate. Opportunities exist for licensing out storefronts to crypto-centric companies to generate ad revenue and inject additional reward liquidity into our ecosystem. Undead Blocks anticipates robust demand for these storefronts as NFT collections, central exchanges, and other crypto companies continue to expand into the metaverse and look for ways to generate interest in their products.

With thousands of individuals watching Undead Blocks on Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and other platforms, this is a very unique value proposition that Undead Blocks can offer to investors as the first AAA FPS game to market. New terrain and larger fighting space is a priority to keep players engaging with our premium in-game content. All players with a Weapon Loadout will have access to all maps in the Undead Blocks metaverse.

Weapon Skins

Weapon Skins and Character Skins are a priority for Undead Blocks as the best FPS players around the world show-off their collection as status symbols. Skins are their own NFTs, and can only be obtained by opening a Loot Coffin. Skins are a cosmetic mechanism that will have no impact on the abilities of the weapon. Weapon skins are a high margin lever for Undead Blocks to consistently pull and will provide an influx of liquidity from outside the game ecosystem. Undead Blocks will partnering with crypto companies, artists, and charities to give gamers around the world the avenue to create skins that truly identify with who they are as people.

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