Undead Blocks Arms Dealer Program

Passive income through gas-less Weapon Loadout Rental Program

Passive Income for Arms Dealers

Undead Blocks will provide a unique value proposition to Gaming Guilds and P2E investors looking to earn passive income by renting their Weapon Loadouts to scholars. Through the Undead Blocks Arms Dealer Program, owners of Weapon Loadouts can list their Loadout gas-less on the Undead Blocks marketplace for rent to earn Gold and Standard ZBUX. The Gold ZBUX earned during this time are split between the player and the holder, and 100% of the Standard ZBUX are credited to the Arms Dealer. Rental contracts will be initiated through the use of activation codes and will be tailored to meet the needs of both the Arms Dealer and the scholar.

Rental Logistics: Arms Dealers

  1. Obtain an Undead Blocks Weapon Loadout via the secondary market

    Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/undead-blocks-weapons

  2. List your Weapon Loadout NFTs for rent on the Undead Blocks Marketplace

    - Set the lease agreement period and % Gold ZBUX split

  3. Track scholar progress live on the daily leaderboards

  4. Receive Gold ZBUX and Standard ZBUX from scholars

    - A summary email will be sent with Scholar analytics at the end of each day, including play time, earnings, and other performance metrics

Rental Logistics: Scholars

  1. Navigate to the Undead Blocks Weapons Marketplace

  2. Choose the Weapon Loadout you would like to rent-out

  3. Play the NFT Game Modes, and enter the Leaderboard Challenges to earn Gold ZBUX while playing for free!

  4. Receive Gold ZBUX (credited to your Wagyu Account)

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