Game Overview

A Summary of Undead Blocks

Zombie Wave FPS You Know and Love

Undead Blocks will be bringing back the nostalgia enjoyed by FPS zombie shooters of the past. We will be providing players with a thrilling and unique gaming experience while allowing players to earn in-game rewards and build equity in their Weapon Loadouts. Players will obtain a Weapon Loadout by direct purchase on secondary NFT markets such as OpenSea, or by becoming a scholar via our gas-less lending program on the Undead Blocks Marketplace.

Your Keys to Earning

Once you've created your Wagyu Games account, you can start playing Undead Blocks and earning. Look out for ZBOXs on the map that can contain Gold ZBUX inside. Once a Weapon Loadout is secured, access will be granted to the full Undead Blocks experience and players can start earning Standard and Gold ZBUX at a much faster rate than in free mode! Undead Blocks will have game modes including Solo, Squads, SpeedRunning, Massacre, and more to come. We bring an exciting way to compete and earn crypto.

New Ways to Defeat the Horde

In all game modes, the objective is to kill as many zombies as possible. Some modes are survival based, and some are speed based. In all modes, every zombie killed has a chance to drop a ZBOX, which contains a random amount of Gold or Standard ZBUX inside. Obtain an NFT Loadout and gain access to NFT Game Modes, which have both a much higher rate of ZBOX drops, and a higher rate of Gold ZBUX earning. Remember, Gold ZBUX are pegged to $0.10USD.

Game Modes

Solo – Survive as many waves as possible on your own

Squads – Round up your friends and play with party size of 2-4 players and work together to kill zombies

SpeedRun – Players will have to complete a set number of waves as fast as they can!

Massacre - Kill as many zombies as possible in a set amount of time.

NFT Game Modes - including regular game modes, but with ZBOX drops.

Game Logistics

All players are dropped into the game starting with a Weapon and a Combat Knife. Additional weapons and equipment that the player has unlocked in their Loadout can be found in different places across the map. Every kill grants the player XP with a bonus for killing zombies with a headshot. The weapons in the Loadout can be obtained during the match using XP, which will give the player full opportunity to use all of the assets that they own!

XP can be used in-game to obtain:

Weapons – if the player has the weapon included in their Weapon Loadout, the weapon will be available on the map to obtain with XP.

Grenades – Molotov Cocktails and Grenades are both available to obtain with XP if the player has them included in their Weapon Loadout.

Perks – Macho Dew, Dr. Helper, Reload Rootbeer, and Diet Sprint vending machines are placed in various locations on the map for the player to obtain a can of each to drink and gain the perk, if they have that perk in their Weapon Loadout.

Doors – New areas on the map can be unlocked with XP to find new equipment or good spots to set up and kill.

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