Gamer Experience

A walkthrough of the gamer-centric logistics implemented to enhance the player experience

Play and Earn with Controller

At Undead Blocks we know every gamer is unique. That's why we developed our game from the start to be compatible with all of the mainstream controller logistics. While the game must be downloaded to a PC or Mac, a seamless connection to a Playstation or Xbox controller through Bluetooth or plug-in allows players who prefer handheld remote gaming to experience Undead Blocks in the way they are most comfortable. Easy step-by-step assistance to connect the controller of the gamers' choice will be available. All of the in-game icons adjust to the controller method used as well!

User Settings Preference

Not only can the player use the keyboard & mouse or their favorite controller to play Undead Blocks, a vast host of settings are available to adjust to make the user's experience much more comfortable. Players can bind any action to the button on the keyboard or controller that they desire. Audio and video settings are also custom to the player's preference. Play and Earn in the way you are most comfortable!

Gamers who Play Together, Earn Together

At Undead Blocks we promote teams of friends coordinating and gaming together. During each Squads mode match, players will be able to invite their friends to a Lobby to join the same match and take down zombies together, every single day. In addition, with Squads mode Daily Leaderboard Challenges, groups of friends will be able to enter the contests as a team and earn crypto together. Imagine hitting the #1 spot on the leaderboard and earning with your best friends for the first time in your gamer life!

Mics are HOT

In a Zombie Apocalypse scenario, working as a team works much better than every person for themselves approach. In Squads mode, being able to communicate with your team about strategy and real time decision making is so important to success in taking down waves of zombies. We include full lobby communication functionality through a connected microphone or audio input to allow players to communicate with each other verbally, and get to know each other a little better too. Standard abuse and misuse of the verbal communication feature will be taken seriously, and necessary precautions will be taken to make sure all players are treated with respect in the game.

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