Patch Notes v1.7.5

Patch Notes for the Undead Blocks Game Update v1.7.5 - April 19th, 2023
Patch Notes for the Undead Blocks Game Update v1.7.5 - April 19th, 2023

New Features:

  • Reconnect
    • Users who lose connection will now receive a popup warning them that their connection is not detected by the server and gives them the option to attempt reconnecting
  • Anti-cheat updates
    • Anti-cheat has new (undisclosed for security reasons) features that will allow for better detection of users using unscrupulous methods within the game system, as well as avoiding false positives
    • Note: These 2 features make up the bulk of issues related to users having issues with the earnings bug, and should fix these issues
  • Multi Zboxes
    • As rounds progress, the maximum number of zboxes that can spawn in a single round also increases, allowing for users that get further to receive more rewards
    • UI has been added for users who collect multiple boxes at once, to avoid the special earnings spin to properly play for every box earned, rather than overlapping the previous box.
  • RPG
    • RPG has now been added to the game and is available for users who own an RPG in their weapon loadout. This also means that users who were previously able to use grenades in lieu of RPG will no longer be able to.
  • Pause Screen earnings UI
    • The pause screen now has an extra UI that displays the gold and green amounts a player earned in a box, as well as the total earnings for the current match.
  • Backend Tournament code
    • Although not able to be seen, the backend for the April tournament has been added. In another update closer to the time of the tournament, a second update will be done that will fully enable the tournament features while shortening the time it will take for maintenance

Game Balance:

  • Higher rounds, lower zombies
    • The number of extra zombies per round has been slightly decreased for higher rounds, which should shorten the time for high rounds without changing early round progression

Bug Fixes:

  • As stated in the new features section, the earnings update was fixed with a combination of features aimed to avoid the connection issues that caused the glitch. The team will be monitoring very closely to see if any more issues similar to this arise.
  • Fixed an issue where the zombie's hitbox was lower than intended, causing bullets to appear to go through zombies and not damage them
  • Fixed issues related to Footballer zombie’s spawn rate in later rounds
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if too many matches were played on a single play session
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not exit in DUOS mode
  • Fixed issues caused by the ragdoll of the granny zombie
  • Implemented safety mechanics in the case where zombies do not spawn properly
  • Other minor bug fixes
  • Minor text updates
  • Minor optimization updates