Patch Notes v1.5.0

Patch Notes for the Undead Blocks Game Update v1.5.0 - December 19th, 2022
Patch Notes for the Undead Blocks Game Update v1.5.0 - December 19th, 2022

New Features:

  • New Playable Character -> Eva
    • You can now select Eva as a playable character, complete with new voice lines and a character portrait
  • Selectable Survivors
    • By going into the Survivors screen while in a pre-game lobby, you can now choose which characters to play as (between Lucas and Eva)
  • New Zombies
    • The previous zombies have now been replaced by our custom-made zombies. Enjoy 2 new grunt zombies to fight against (with more to come!)
    • Some weapons can cause devasting damage to a zombie’s head or limbs upon killing them. Look out for the bloody red explosions!
  • Boss Zombie -> Footballer!
    • This big brute may walk slowly, but one hit and he’ll start sprinting!
    • Aim carefully, the Footballer Zombie takes reduced damage when shot in his helmet or padded chest plate
  • Three New Weapons
    • Coming back from the Firearm Roulette Tournament -> Revolver
    • Smash enemies to bits with the Baseball Bat!
      • Currently equipped with the SuperStonk skin for a limited time
    • Aim true with the M1A Assault Rifle. Zombies won’t know what hit ‘em!
    • Each new weapon can be found hanging on a wall, or in the weapon crate
  • New explorable areas
    • 3 new areas can now be explored in the map. Each with a weapon hanging on a wall inside:
      • The top floor of the main house
      • The 2 houses closest to the main house
  • Unlimited rounds!
    • Survive as long as you can against the hordes of the undead. In each round, more zombies will spawn and more bullets will be needed. How long can you survive?

Balance Changes:

  • With the new zombies comes new stats. Expect the health, speed, damage and number of zombies in each round to be very different from the previous beta update which had only 5 rounds
  • Weapon and perk costs have been increased.
    • Don’t expect to be buying weapons so easily now! With easier early rounds comes later purchasing. Work your way up to earn better gear for the fight
  • Bullet penetration
    • Double Barreled Shotgun and F1 have been upgraded with proper bullet penetration in Solo mode. Use these weapons to mow through multiple zombies


  • Dedicated servers for Solo mode. This update will help us test and lay the groundwork for the upcoming multiplayer update
  • Small bug fixes
  • Optimization updates
Note: Due to the large changes made, the other modes have temporarily been disabled as we prepare to implement the changes to these modes.